I have the honor of being a part of ZaPow, Gallery for Illustration and Pop Culture.  The work I’m currently showing is my Anklebiters artwork and sculpts.  On Saturday, February 8 at 7 pm. they’re having a gallery show under the title of “Creepy Cute”.  There will be several artists contributing to this show – if you visit their site, you’ll see that it is right up their alley!!  Anyone in the area on the time of the show, needs to come in and enjoy the opening.

Here are my submissions – 3 pieces.  Each measure 13X19, framed and really creepy and cute!  They are mixed media pieces with pastel backgrounds and digital print figures.  I have always liked to take harsh images and put them against soft backgrounds.  I also like the precision of the digital prints to really punch out the image. The bonus of the artwork is found on the back!  In an envelope, you’ll find the blue line original sketches that I drew before they were inked and put into the computer.

Everyone in Asheville, North Carolina needs to stop by at some time and enjoy all ZaPow has to show and stop by my display and enjoy great digital prints and hand made sculpts!!  I’ll most likely be putting two new pieces of art for the show!  Email me and let me know if you’ll be there or have already stopped by!